Cruelty Watch Files Complaint Against Suspected Unlicensed Puppy Farm In Llanelli

An animal welfare organisation, Cruelty Watch, has filed a complaint against a suspected unlicensed puppy farm in Llanelli, Wales.

Cruelty Watch has urged Carmenthenshire County Council to investigate the unlicensed puppy farm, located off Erwlas in Llanelli, as a matter of urgency after their investigation officers visited the premises on two separate occasions.

On both occasions, Cruelty Watch alleges that the investigators found evidence of an unlicensed premises and neglect of the dogs. In the complaint to the authorities, animal welfare investigators state that “the kennel area looked heavily soiled with feces and appeared unkept” and “the bowls were empty with no food or water available”. Investigators also alleged that lurcher-type dog was tethered to an outside kennel. Investigators say that “this dog was extremely scared of us and appeared hand-shy, giving an indication that this dog may have been physically assaulted in the past.”

A spokesperson for Cruelty Watch said: “This is a disturbing case of neglect and there is no excuse for it. Not to mention, we believe that the property is operating as an unlicensed pet shop or puppy farm. It is an organised criminal enterprise.”

“In our complaint to Carmarthenshire County Council, we have said that we would be willing to find rescue placements for all the animals on the premises should the authority deem it necessary to seize them.”

Cruelty Watch has said that its investigators will continue to visit similar properties in the Llanelli area and identify any potential offences that can be reported to the local authority for investigation and potential prosecution.

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