Test purchase volunteers sought

Cruelty Watch are looking for volunteers to assist them in their test purchasing operations in South and West Wales. As the volunteer you would assist Cruelty Watch in conducting checks on puppy traders and dealers as you attempt to buy puppies.

You will be fully trained in what to say and do. You will not be identified in any publicity. All petrol and refreshment expenses will be reimbursed.

Anyone who volunteers will be shown how to operate covert surveillance equipment. They can either work alone or with a friend.

If you are interested in a career in animal welfare or law enforcement, then this would help in giving you some experience.

If you think you may be interested in volunteering, please complete the form below.

Cruelty Watch and Dean Farm Trust Rescue 19 Chickens from A40 Lorry Crash

Cruelty Watch and Dean Farm Trust rescued 19 chickens from the A40 lorry crash near Llandovery in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Scores of chickens were killed and injured when a lorry crashed into a river in Carmarthenshire in the early hours of the 25th April 2017. Early reports suggested up to 12,000 chickens were on board.

After hearing about the shocking aftermath, Cruelty Watch assisted by staff from Dean Farm Trust deployed an emergency rescue team to the scene to search the area for any remaining live animals that needed rescuing or veterinary attention.

“Cruelty Watch deployed an emergency rescue team to search the area surrounding the crash for any remaining live animals”, said a spokesperson for Cruelty Watch.

“After hours of extensive searching, we found 19 chickens at the scene. We worked with our sanctuary partners Dean Farm Trust to secure a rescue space. Dean Farm will continue to provide daily care and veterinary attention to allow them to live healthy lives.”

The Trust is appealing for donations to support their work in caring for the chickens.